House of Marbles - Tiddlywinks Traditional Games

House of Marbles – Tiddlywinks Traditional Games


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Discover the wonderful world of Tiddlywinks with this classic set. Learn how to use your squidger to shoot plastic winks into the pot. This complete set includes four squidgers, 24 winks, a pot and official English Tiddlywinks Association rules for the game. Suggested for ages 5 and up. Can you Squop your opponents Wink with your Squidger? By the way, a Squidger is the big disc you press on the wink to send it flying and to 'Squop' is to cover your opponents wink with one of your own. Now you know. We'll tip you the wink! Approved by the English Tiddlywink Association. This is a fabulous little set of tiddlywinks, with a cup and a bag which is perfect for playing anywhere. Box measures 24 x 6 x 5 cms approx.


  • FUN FOR ALL - The perfect game for all ages, play it with your children or with friends. No matter who plays this game will have fun!
  • GAME OF SKILL - Tiddlywinks is easy to learn and isn't mindless. Provide whoever you play with a challenging game that helps build dexterous skills
  • PLAY ANYWHERE - Play this game literally anywhere! All you need is a flat surface and the game location has already been set
  • TAKES LITTLE TIME TO PLAY - Each game takes from 20 - 25 minutes to play depending on the number of players.
  • STIMULATE LOGICAL THINKING - Challenge your friends or teach your child to play and improve his/her logical skills and flicking ability!


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